Each passenger is allowed to carry up to 20 kg (44 pounds) aside from a hand-luggage of 8kg (17 pounds)

Fruits, seeds, are not allowed to be taken to Galapagos. There will be controls at departing and arriving airports.

No animal, plant or mineral may be removed from the islands. Stick, stones, sand or bones must be left where found.

Please be careful not to transport any live material to the islands or from island to island. Each one has its unique fauna and flora and introductions can quickly destroy their balance.



On Shore: shorts or fast-drying slacks, T-shirts, or long-sleeved cotton shirts

Reusable Water Bottler (very important)

Comfortable walking shoes

Thongs or sandals


Hat with a brim

Bathing suits (recommended at least 2)

Bandana to cover the back of your neck from the sun’s rays

Sunglasses (with holding strap)

Extra set of glasses or contact lenses + lens solution

Sun block (SPF30 or higher)

Grooming kit, Personal medication

Insect repellent (Mosquitoes are NOT malaria carrying)

Multi-purpose Zip-lock bags (they are always so handy!)

Camera gear, extra memory and charger (or extra bateries)